Nintendo Entertainment System (abbreviated as NES), released in Japan as the Nintendo Family Computer (JP) (simply abbreviated as NFC), and known in Korea as Hyundai Comboy (Korean: Hyeondae Keomboi) is a Nintendo console that is considered the successor to Nintendo's Color TV Game series, and is Nintendo's first home console with interchangeable cartridges. It is the 8-bit console that introduced various iconic franchises to the world such as: the Mario series, The Legend of Zeldaseries, the Mega Man series, and Final Fantasy.

With nearly 62 million units sold worldwide, it was the best selling Nintendo console of all time until January 31, 2010 when it was overtaken by the Wii. The system is very much well known for revitalizing the industry after the video game crash of 1983.

The best selling game on the console is Super Mario Bros., though the total number of units sold includes those bundled with the console with Duck Hunt(which consists of a majority of the units).

The best selling stand alone title on the system is Super Mario Bros. 3 at 18 million copies sold worldwide. The Nintendo Entertainment System has been sold to retailers in a majority of Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. Its successor was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, released in 1991.

History and Development Edit

The NES is an iconic system that consisted of vast advancements, impressive video games and the industry's most lucrative franchises. Its importance to video games is arguably unparalleled having saved the US industry from collapsing following Atari's infamous crash in the early eighties. The NES propelled video games to new heights when it came to game design, save functions, story involvement, and character control. With the NES came the modern model for third party developers on video game consoles and licensing of video games.

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